Monday, 5 May 2014

How To Choose The Right Running Sock For Backpacking?

 Whenever I go on a backpacking trip I use running socks instead of regular socks. There are multiple reasons for this. First of all, they are more comfortable. They fit my feet perfectly, they have added protection at the heel and toe areas, and the best models are even thicker at the laces, so your feet are protected. The soles of the best running socks are also thicker, or they have a plush part that protects your feet against sharp objects and the impact of the ground.

My favourite socks for backpacking.
Source: Wikipedia
  So how can you choose the running socks that are the best for you? There are multiple considerations that you have to take into account. First of all, there are socks that reach only below your ankles, there are ones that reach over your ankles, and there are also ones that end somewhere in the middle of your ankles. The ones that end below your ankles are not the best for backpacking, as they don't hold your ankles steady in the boots, but these also prevent the boots from damaging the skin on your ankles. All in all these are the models I recommend for backpacking.

 The best running socks all have great breathability. Ventilation keeps your feet dry by allowing the sweat to evaporate from your feet. This ensures that you feet are going to remain dry no matter how hard you work during your backpacking trip. The best models even have antibacterial coating. This is important because the bacteria dwell in wet, warm conditions, the exact conditions that are present in your boots during a backpacking trip. Event though the best boots are breathable, you can count on your feet sweating during your trip. After all backpacking is hard and demanding, it is a sport, and you sweat during sports.

 The best socks have a little wedge at the heel area. Their neck is also thicker, these features are important in ensuring that the socks don't slip into the shoes during your trip. You are going to sweat a lot, the wedge and the thick neck all ensure that the socks stay in their place.

 The socks must have anti odour coating as well. This coating helps prevent and get rid of the bad odours that are natural, but quite unpleasant. These odours are a product of your feet sweating during your backpacking trip. You can get rid of odours pretty easily by hanging up your boots and allowing them to ventilate, but you can't do so while you are walking. Your socks are the only things that are going to prevent those horrible smells from developing  in your shoes.