Thursday, 17 April 2014

Chances To Connect With Nature If You Live In a City

Cities offer great nightlife, but it hard to connect with nature.
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 City living is a bit of a conundrum to me. People go to the city as it provides the best chances to get employment, and the best educational opportunities, and it also has the best recreational activities, like parties, museums, art galleries, not to mention that this is the place where you can meet the most interesting people simply because so many people are live in the city.

 However there is a big problem with living in a congested city, or at least it is a problem for me. I miss the tranquility of the outdoors a lot. I love connecting with nature, and it is hard to experience that connection among the concrete walls and buildings of a major European city.

 However not all hope is lost for those of us who want to experience nature while enjoying the peaks of living in the city. There are city parks, and some cities have such a good infrastructure that you can get out and experience nature with a small amount of travelling, not to mention that some cities are surrounded by beautiful, magnificent forests.

 The first thing that helps is if you are living in the outskirts of the city. This can be the suburbs, but I don't really enjoy living there, the whole mindset of the people there is not very interesting, and not very entertaining. With a little bit of research you can find places that are located close to the outskirts of the city, and you can go running in those areas. My benchmark for deciding if the area is close enough to where I live is if I can get to the forest and get a good jog in, and get back in a total in sixty minutes.

 If there is a forest, there are going to be chances to go camping. These chances include just a small patch without vegetation in remote areas, where not many people go, and you can set up your tent. These are excellent for spending a day or two during the weekend if for some reason you can't travel far away from the city you live in.

You can find great information on what to do in specific cities if you want to escape the hustle of your habitat. For example this website offers great ideas on where to spend your time in London if you are looking for a bit of outdoor experience.

 City parks also offer a great chance to connect with the wild. The best cities make sure that they have enough green areas in them, and big enough parks so that the inhabitants of the city feel like it is livable and the city is not just one big sea of concrete. These parks are excellent for cycling, jogging or just having a lunchtime stroll.

 The infrastructure also matters a lot. If the city is well connected it becomes easier to get out of it and reach remote areas that are excellent for outdoor activities. Such areas are little villages next to lakes, in valleys or forests. These places are reachable, and excellent for outdoor activities.

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