Thursday, 17 April 2014

Keys To Backpacking With Your Spouse

 If you have been in a relationship for a long time like I have you are going to know that it can be hard to find activities that both of you can take part in, and both of you feel juiced about. The outdoors provides a host of occupations that you can take part in and feel great about. These activities are perfect way to connect with each other and then celebrate your shared achievement, success together.

 I have been jogging every morning with my spouse for months, when the summer was upon us and we decided to take our shared sports activity a step further and try out something new. We decided to try out backpacking. It is pretty similar to running, the difference is that you have to walk, not jog, and you have to do it for a longer period than running. Otherwise it is pretty similar.

 The key to successful backpacking is to have passion. Good advice, thank you you might say, the key to anything in life is to have passion. This applies to backpacking as well. If you are going to embark on a long journey together you will have to entertain each other, be passionate, because if you are passionate your state is going to infect others around you as well.

 Not to mention that you are going to spend a lot of time together in mother nature and you will have a torrid time if you drive each other crazy. A good chemistry contributes a lot to a successful camping trip.

Backpacking can e a romantic experience.
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 You also need to make several decisions before a trip, great planning is the key to any successful backpacking trip. You will need to decide what kind of stuff to bring on your trip, you will need to decide what kind of tent bring, what to eat, what to wear. The worst scenario is if you start your trip with inadequate gear and you are out there on the track, and you have no way of replacing what you have left at home. And if you don't bring the right kind of gear on your backpacking gear, your needs won't be met, and you will be frustrated, which will lead to arguments. You most likely go backpacking to get away from it all and enjoy the silence, the tranquility of nature.

 The biggest upside to backpacking with your spouse is exactly that it is very quiet, you won't meet many people out there in the great vast outdoors. This is an excellent opportunity to spice up your love life a bit. You can try doing it in all kinds of exotic places, not to mention that you can always set up a tent in the wild if you want some more privacy, and you don't want to risk getting caught. If you are looking for tips on the subject, Love In A Tent is a great blog on the subject.

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