Thursday, 17 April 2014

 Camping is an awesome way to spend time together with the ones you love. However it is important to do some kind of activity instead of just sitting around. Taking part in activities is going to give you new experiences and ways to get together, experience each other in different ways, and it is going to provide you with memories that you are going to remember for the rest of your life, and will create lasting friendship among you.

 What can you do on a camping trip? Well, this depends a great deal on what is the make up of your group. Obviously if you are a group of adults drinking games can be fun, but those are forbidden for children. There are activities that everybody can play regardless of age or sex, like sports, cooking, fishing, hiking, horse riding.

A delicious barbecue.
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 The obvious activities include cooking outdoors. Most campsites allow you to set a fire in their designated picnic area, and some even allow you to do it by your tent. There are places and times where you are not allowed to start a fire, obviously you must not start a fire in the summer months when it is so hot that plants are dry and catch on fire easily. Always ask the local authorities about rules and regulations in the are. Get to know exactly when and where can you start a fire. After you are done cooking, make sure that you put out the fire. The obvious way is to pour some water on it, or if you are a boy, you can do it in another way as well. The safe way is to put some dirt on the ashes, so that you deprive the fire of oxygen.

 If you are cooking outdoors, you can choose to prepare many different kinds of food. Tinfoil cooking is a very common, popular way of cooking outdoors. It is easy, hygienic, and you can prepare delicious nutritious dishes this way.  All you need is the ingredients of the food you want to prepare, you wrap the whole pack in tinfoil, you put it on ember, and wait for around thirty minutes until it is done.

 The other popular way of preparing food outdoors is a BBQ. You will need special equipment in order to prepare food with BBQ, but it is worth the effort. Nothing makes the meat as juicy and as delicious as a great barbecue. Most campsites have a designated camping area that include gear for BBQ, you have to pay a little bit of extra to use these areas, but the money that you have to pay is worth a bit of great time with your friends and family.

 Most campsites have sports courts. You should definitely try these out, sports is a great way to connect with other people while breaking down social barriers, and sounding like the Incredible Hulk. Not all campsites have the same courts, call them before your camping trip so that you can get ready and bring all the equipment you need to use the courts. Such equipment might include tennis rockets, tennis balls, a basketball or football. Some campgrounds are built next to a lake, river, or they have a swimming pool. You might want to bring balls, mattresses and all the gear you need for sunbathing in order to make the most of your camping trip.
Some campsites have a badminton court.
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 All in all there is nothing like connecting with the people that matter to you the most. The best way to do this is by going on a camping trip. It allows you to try out many different activities that break down social barriers, and provide you with long lasting memories that will fuel your friendship.

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